National Negotiations Update


July 15, 2002 …TCU Clerical and Carmen Local, District, and Board officers have unanimously voted to authorize a strike against the freight rail carriers involved in national handling. By a vote of 252 to zero, TCU officers resoundingly signaled to the railroad industry that they are fed up with the carriers’ bad faith bargaining tactics. Every officer eligible to vote did so. 

           TCU formally requested the National Mediation Board (NMB) to release the union from mediation on June 7, 2002 . This action followed two and one half years of fruitless bargaining, including the industry reneging on a tentative agreement in October, 2001.  Only two out of three seats at the NMB are currently filled.

President Bush has nominated two individuals, one Republican and one Democrat, for the seats of departed Democratic member Ernest Dubester and current Democratic member Jacobsen, whose term has expired may continue to serve until their replacement has been approved by the Senate.) No action on President Bush’s two nominees has yet been taken by the Senate. Currently, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is blocking Senate consideration of all Presidential appointments because of a dispute over a nominee to the Federal Elections Commission.

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