NDP Makes Major Gains in Canadian Elections

The strongly pro-working family New Democratic Party (NDP) made Canadian history when Canadians elected 102 NDP members of Parliament in the May 2, 2011 federal election. When the last Parliament dissolved, the NDP had 36 seats.

The NDP picked up 58 seats in Quebec, including that of Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe. Before the election, the party had a single seat in Montréal, held by NDP finance critic Tom Mulcair.

“We heard the Quebeckers message of change and hope,” said NDP leader Jack Layton. “They expressed it very clearly so that we won’t be able to forget it.” Layton pledged to try to make parliament work “I will propose constructive solutions focused on helping all Canadians,” he said.

“The challenge to our Canadian IAM members and their families is to stay involved,” said IAM Canadian General Vice President Dave Ritchie. “We have 102 members in Ottawa, including 66 rookies who are going to be your voice in Parliament. I encourage our members to get acquainted with these MPs, share your ideas and concerns with them and, above all, give them your support.”

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