Nebraska Nurses Seek IAM Representation

June 22, 2006 – Nurses in Lincoln, Nebraska, are joining together under the banner of the Capitol City Nurses Association to win an IAM contract that protects their profession, their patients and their careers.

In addition to basic wages and benefits, the nurses are seeking an opportunity to negotiate contract language that clarifies work rules, scheduling, advancement opportunities and overtime policies.

As front line caregivers in the Lincoln area, the nurses have declared patient care will be their primary concern. They also believe joint decision making will help them be more productive and run their facilities in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

The nurses’ campaign to win professional representation and a voice at work includes traditional organizing meetings as well as billboards in Lincoln and a special website that explains how a good contract can provide benefits for patients, hospitals and health care professionals.

The IAM represents hundreds of nurses, first responders and health care professionals at hospitals, in municipalities and veterans’ care facilities around the country. “We’re extremely proud of the work these men and women do,” said Midwest Territory GVP James E. Brown. “They deserve to be treated with the same respect they have for their jobs and their patients.”


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