Negotiations to Resume in Belshaw Bakery Strike

Negotiations are set to resume with Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group on March 28. More than 60 members of IAM Local 79 in Seattle, WA have been standing strong on the picket line since March 24 after voting unanimously to approve the strike.

Employees offered a medical plan that saved the company more than $20,000 per month but asked that part of those savings be returned to employees in higher wages instead of a one-time signing bonus.

The Local 79 members produce high-quality bakery equipment that is sold around the world. Many of the striking members have been with Belshaw for more than 30 years and have consistently met the challenges of competing in an ever-changing global manufacturing environment.

“IAM members at Belshaw are fighting for issues that will benefit all workers,” said Western Territory GVP Gary Allen. “We are proud of their courage to stand up for their beliefs and we will stand with them in their fight against corporate greed.”

Visit the District Lodge 160 website for more information.

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