Never Forget – A Special iMail

Nine years ago today, terrorists struck the symbols of America’s global power — the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon. Had not brave men and women fought back, those terrorists might have leveled the White House.

There was no lack of everyday heroes on 9/11 or in the days that followed. The IAM lost members that tragic day. But other IAM members and thousands of their union brothers and sisters streamed towards the sounds of sirens and the plumes of smoke and dust.

The men and women of America’s unions proved their patriotism and their prowess that day. They saved lives; they combed through the pile at Ground Zero and they sacrificed their very lives and their health for others.

Today we remember those who died, including Boston Local 1726 members Marianne MacFarlane and Jesus Sanchez, who were aboard United Flight 175. Also killed that day was Keith Maynard, who left his job as a Continental Ramp Serviceman to be a New York City Fireman, but continued to organize for the IAM on his own time. We think deeply about all those who answered the call of duty — the everyday heroes that are the fabric of our communities.

In Remembrance
Marianne MacFarlane
Keith Maynard
Jesus Sanchez
September 11, 2001

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