New Mexico IAM Member Rebuts Right-to-Work Claims

In a recent Las Cruces Sun-Times letter to the editor, New Mexico Local 2515 member Brian Breitag exposed the misleading claims of right-to-work (RTW) proponents.

“’Right to work for less’ laws are a sham with one purpose in mind, bankrupt unions,” said Breitag. “By having less funds to work with, union representatives have less money to collectively bargain, file grievances and negotiate better health care, pensions and workplace safety issues.”

By employing a simple comparison to a homeowner refusing to pay Home Owners Association fees and someone continually dining at potluck dinners without ever contributing items, Breitag effectively explained the unfairness of Right to Work scenarios.

“Efforts like that of Brian Breitag that make a real difference in this fight,” said IAM Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen. “He and his fellow members in New Mexico are to be commended for their dedication to overcome these attacks on working men and women.”

Breitag is a Legislative Representative for Local 2515. He coordinated the legislative visits for members on the Right to work initiative in New Mexico.

Click here to read Breitag’s letter to the editor.

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