New Mexico Workers Unite to Defeat Right-To-Work

The IAM and working families successfully prevented right-to-work legislation from passing in New Mexico. From left: President of the New Mexico Federation of Labor John Hendry, President of the New Mexico State Council of Machinists Beverly McMullan and IAM Western Territory GVP Gary Allen.

IAM members and working families in New Mexico, and across the country, can breathe a little easier for the moment, now that the state legislature officially ended its session without passing right-to-work (for less) legislation.

I am happy to report that we were able to once again defeat right to work in New Mexico,” said IAM Western Territory General Vice President Gary Allen. “Many thanks to all the fighting Machinists who joined with the rest of the labor movement in New Mexico to drive this right-to-work trash into the ground.”

Existing right-to-work laws have proven to lower wages, weaken safety standards and mute the voices of workers and their families. Without much-needed representation provided by the IAM and other unions, workers are left to face their employers alone.

Machinists and other labor activists logged countless hours of hard work on the phones, letter writing and community canvassing to prevent the legislation from passing. New Mexico’s decision is a solid step forward in the fight to protect workers’ collective bargaining rights.

This is a good day for working families, and our IAM Western Territory Staff stepped up and delivered,” said Allen. “I’m proud of all of you who worked so hard on this effort. Thanks to the IAM Executive Council for stepping up and providing resources to help wage this successful war!”

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