New Ohio District 54 Contract Worth Celebrating at Foseco

Members of IAM District 54 in Cleveland recently came to agreement in a new contract with Froseco, a supplier of foundry consumables and equipment, after approximately two months of bargaining.

This new agreement now makes Foseco one of the most desirable employers in the area because of the strong union contract that provides family-supporting jobs.

“One of our main focal points was to develop our contract so that a new member starting their career could walk through those doors and provide for themselves, and grow in their union job and start a family,” said District 54 Business Representative Regina Wright.

The contract boasts significant gains in pay, insurance, time off, safety, leave and more.

The members were prepared to stand in solidarity to get a fair contract, and that helped the bargaining committee reach the gains acquired in this contract.

“We significantly increased wages and healthcare benefits, but also safeguarded work-life balance by advancing the vacation schedule, increasing personal days, adding flexible language to take time off, and starting the path of paid parental leave. This is a career union job that generations work at, and I look forward to the future for our members,”  said Wright.

“The gains bargained in this contract are substantial. I commend Business Representative Regina Wright on her work with the District 54 membership and Foseco to reach such a strong agreement that really delivers the membership what they deserve,” said IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President David Sullivan. “We want our contracts to be an asset to employers, to support employee retention and help sustain a successful business that provides quality, sought-after jobs.”

Contract highlights include:

  • 13.08% – 26.60% pay increases ($3.62/hr – $8.02/hr increases) 
  • Decreased out-of-pocket medical insurance costs by 40-51%  
  • 100% dental and vision coverage by the employer
  • Increases to short-term disability, life, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance 
  • Vacation accrual accelerated 
  • Gained paid parental leave and personal days
  • Major improvements to attendance bonus and policy   
  • No mandatory overtime on Sundays and limited on Saturdays   
  • Increase in safety personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Increase in paid break time
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