New Website Exposes Union Busters

Union busting is a big industry in the United States, and a new website sponsored by American Rights at Work lifts the lid on the slimy “Center for Union Facts.” and other organizations behind the rash of misleading anti-union television and print propaganda from corporate America.

With pages of background and extensive research, the new “Anti-Union Network” website reveals the close ties between Richard Berman, who runs the “Center for Union Facts,” corporate clients and a network of anti-union organizations devoted to busting unions in the United States. Berman, longtime industry frontman, has a history of distorting facts to push his clients’ interests, such as attacking drunk driving laws and organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving on behalf of American Beverage Institute or discounting the health effects of obesity on behalf of food and restaurant companies.

But Berman is just one part of a larger campaign involving extreme anti-labor politicians, right-wing think tanks, the U.S Chamber of Commerce and other groups such as the rabidly anti-union Right-to-Work Foundation who are waging a multi-front campaign to destroy America’s union movement.

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