New York

New York Gubernatorial Candidate Elliot Spitzer On the Issues:

 • Eliot Spitzer says there a number of steps that need to be taken to create jobs and improve New York’s   economy. These steps include:
                - Improve the business climate
                - Revitalize cities
                - Support small businesses
                - Invest in infrastructure
                - Foster the growth of strategic industries

Health Insurance:
• Eliot Spitzer has pledged to improve the quality of health coverage in New York while simultaneously containing costs.
• Spitzer says that New York must commit to cutting the total number of uninsured New Yorkers in half over the next four years.
• Spitzer wants to provide health insurance for every child and remove bureaucratic barriers to getting the nearly one million uninsured adults who are eligible for coverage enrolled in existing programs.
• Spitzer has said New York must cut prescription drug costs by increased use of generic drugs and leveraging the state’s purchasing power by exploring the creation of a non-profit pharmacy benefit manager from which both Medicaid and commercial plans can buy from.

• Spitzer has said he will work to turn New York’s public schools around by giving them the resources they need while supporting proven reforms.
• Steps Spitzer says New York can take to improve statewide education include:
                - Provide schools with the resources they need.
                - Quickly resolve the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit.
                - Continue to set high standards for students, while simultaneously providing extra help for failing students.
                - Support effective innovations and reforms.
                - Ensure there are opportunities for those currently in the workforce to continually upgrade their skills.

Medicare / Medicaid / Social Security:
• Medicaid must be part of any comprehensive health care reform, according to Spitzer. He says the state must develop a better and less costly long term care system by making it easier for New York residents to save for their long term care, supporting better home and community-based living options, increasing the role of managed long-term care and making it easier for our families to navigate the state’s complex web of long-term care programs.

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