Newly Organized Swissport Fuelers Prepare for Negotiations

The Swissport Fuelers Negotiating Committee prepares for upcoming contract talks. Winpisinger Center Director Chris Wagoner leads the class with Negotiating Committee members (front table, from left) Rob Helmer, Bronson McGee, Steven Van Note and Joseph Morones. District 142 General Chairman Randy Griffith and Transportation Department Education Representative Brianna Gregory assist at the back table.

The Swissport Negotiating Committee recently completed Negotiations Preparation at IAM Local 2559 in Phoenix to get ready for their first contract negotiations. The more than 120 Fuelers voted for IAM representation by a 98 percent margin November 2015.

During the week-long program the Negotiating Committee received training to draft contract language, present proposals, conduct a power analysis and identify a broad array of potential tactics to achieve a first contract.

“Our Swissport brothers and sisters should be very proud of themselves as they as they prepare to chart their future at the negotiating table,” said IAM Transportation General Vice President Sito Pantoja. “They have the full support of the IAM in their quest to achieve fair first contract.”

Winpisinger Center Director Chris Wagoner led the week-long program, assisted by Transportation Education Representative Brianna Gregory, culminating with a negotiations simulation in which Wagoner played the role of management negotiator.

“Chris did a great job of acting the role of a tough company negotiator,” said IAM District 142 General Chairman and Negotiating Committee member Randy Griffith. “The new committee now has a feel for what it’s like at the table.”

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