Next Generation in Aviation Visits Winpisinger Center

While at IAM Headquarters in Upper Marlboro, MD, Aviation High School students check 1/4-scale GE jet engine.

The top 20 students from New York’s Aviation High School’s class of 2017 visited the IAM’s William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD this past week to participate in a program about unions and the aviation industry.

The students began their week with tours of IAM Headquarters and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) before proceeding to the Winpisinger Center, where they engaged in a comprehensive curriculum full of classes and guest speakers.

The IAM has forged a close alliance with the Queens, NY school, where for the 15th consecutive year, students attended a program at the IAM’s training center to learn about unions and the aviation industry.

Aviation High School is an integral part of the American aviation industry, where graduates forge successful careers throughout the industry.

“Aviation High School constantly produces students that will be the future leaders of the aviation industry,” said IAM Transportation General Vice President Sito Pantoja, an Aviation High School alumnus. “The IAM will continue its affiliation with the school, providing students with the tools needed to assist their program.”

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