NFFE-IAM Helps Shoot Down GOP Attempt to Gag Unions

NFFE-IAM members recently helped defeat an amendment that would have virtually prohibited federal employees from using official time for union activities.

The anti-union amendment, stealthily proposed by Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) as part of a routine spending bill (H.R. 4745), was struck down 254-167, with 60 Republicans and 194 Democrats opposing. It was the result of NFFE-IAM members using their lunch hours and personal time to call or write their members of Congress, urging them to vote “No” on the Gingrey Amendment.

“In recent years, Rep. Gingrey has stopped at nothing to eliminate the voice and workplace protections of federal employees by attempting to get rid of official time,” said NFFE-IAM National President Bill Dougan. “Clearly, NFFE and our allies are ready to defend our members from these constant attacks. Cutting official time would hamper the effectiveness of the federal government, and open agencies up to widespread mismanagement. Official time is time spent making our government more efficient. NFFE-IAM members stepped up to the challenge and defeated Rep. Gingrey and his amendment.”

Click here to see the letter Dougan sent to members of Congress urging them to defeat the anti-union Gingrey Amendment.

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