NLRB Finds Merit in IAM Charges against SRI

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) notified the IAM that they found merit with charges filed by the IAM against government services contractor Strategic Resources Inc. (SRI) located at Joint Base Lewis McChord in Pierce County, WA. The charges upheld by the board include (1) directing employees to not go to the union with any concerns or grievances, (2) refusing to meet and bargain at reasonable times and places, (3) refusing to provide information in a timely and accurate manner to the IAM, and (4) making unilateral changes to past practices after the IAM was certified as the official representative of SRI employees.

The IAM filed the charges in response to SRI’s repeated violations of the National Labor Relations Act, and they have been under investigation for months. The NLRB ruled that the charges were valid, and has notified SRI. If no settlement is reached, the NLRB will then decide whether to file a formal complaint with the District Court.
The IAM is currently in first contract negotiations with SRI.
“This should send a clear message to all employers who exploit workers,” said Western Territory GVP Gary Allen, “that the IAM will be there to the end to ensure that workers’ basic rights, like dignity on the job, become a reality in workplaces everywhere.”

“These workers dedicate themselves to supporting military activities, are on call 24/7, and have been treated with nothing but disrespect by a company that has made millions in profits from government service contracts,” said Western Territory GLR Kevin Cummings. “The findings by the NLRB took time because they did a thorough investigation before making their decision. The ruling sends a strong message to SRI, and other companies that treat people as though they are disposable.”

SRI has also been unresponsive to safety concerns raised by employees, even after employees have been injured. “We have had to contact the contracting office and the base leadership to ensure a safe workplace for these workers,” said Cummings. “There are also additional investigations of SRI by other government departments.”

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