NMB Affirms United Ramp/Fleet Service Election Results

The National Mediation Board (NMB) this week announced its decision regarding the protest filed by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) of last year’s Ramp/Fleet Service representational election at the airline formed by the merger of United Airlines, Continental and Continental Micronesia. The NMB found the election’s conditions were not tainted and upheld the IAM’s historic victory.

“The NMB’s findings reinforced what we knew all along: the IAM prevailed thanks to a team effort that involved every level of our union,” said Transportation GVP Sito Pantoja. “Contrary to the IBT’s allegations, the IAM did not interfere in the election and the results are an accurate reflection of the workers’ preference.”

“The NMB’s decision removes another obstacle in attaining a fair and just combined collective bargaining agreement for the approximately 14,000 Ramp/Fleet Service workers at United Airlines,” said IAM District Lodge 141 President and Directing General Chairman Rich Delaney. “As the distractions disappear, we move closer to achieving our members’ goals at United Airlines.”

The NMB’s complete decision is available here.

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