NMB Rejects Delta Employees’ Election Appeal

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) General Vice President Robert Roach, Jr. today condemned the National Mediation Board (NMB)’s indefensible dismissal of the IAM’s 2010 Delta Air Lines Fleet Service election interference complaint. 

“The Machinists Union disagrees wholeheartedly with this decision,” said Roach. “The NMB’s conclusions do not accurately reflect the illegal actions undertaken by Delta Air Lines during the election.”

Among the election violations the IAM charged Delta Air Lines with are coercing pre-merger Delta employees to vote from Delta-controlled computers while electronically blocking pre-merger Northwest employees (IAM members) from voting from Delta computers. Additionally, Delta habitually engaged in surveillance and intimidation designed to make employees fearful of supporting the IAM. The Machinists Union provided more than 180 exhibits to demonstrate the breadth of the interference.

“Although we do not agree with Delta’s conduct or the NMB’s conclusions, we are prepared to move to the next step,” said Roach. “Delta employees do not need the NMB to order a new election; all they have to do is sign an IAM card requesting an election, and we will do the rest. The IAM is prepared to work with Delta employees to bring them the justice they deserve. We will not let Delta Air Lines or their political allies deter us from that goal.”

More information about the IAM at Delta Air Lines is available at www.takingbackourfamily.com.

  • The NMB’s dismissal is available here.



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