NMB to Investigate Election Interference at Delta

The National Mediation Board (NMB) this week announced it is launching a full investigation into Delta Air Line’s interference in last year’s IAM representation elections for the airline’s Fleet Service, Customer Service and Stores employees.

“After reviewing the submissions provided by IAM and Delta, I find that in order for the Board to determine whether the laboratory conditions were tainted, further investigation is needed,” said NMB General Counsel Mary Johnson in her notice to the parties.

“The IAM asked for and welcomes this investigation so the breadth of Delta’s illegal actions can be exposed and employees can finally vote free from Delta’s interference,” said IAM General Vice President Robert Roach, Jr.

If the NMB determines Delta engaged in interference, the elections could be re-run.

Meanwhile, The CWA-AFA recently violated NMB election rules by posting a hyperlink to the BallotPoint voting site in an email sent to its members.

According to NMB rules, parties are allowed to post a hyperlink to the http://www.nmb.gov/ website only. A direct link to the voting website is not permitted. The purpose of the rule is to ensure none of the parties in the election track who voted or how, which is possible with a direct link to the voting website.

This latest violation of NMB rules follows the CWA-AFA directing members to call a designated phone number to disclose how they voted.

Click here to view the IAM letter to NMB regarding CWA-AFA violations.

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