No Vote Until NAFTA is Fixed

For more than a quarter-century, North America’s working families have raised their voices for better trade policy. The defenders of corporate-dominated trade rules too often portray trade as an end in itself. But trade is not an end, it is a means.

Trade policy must be judged by whether it leads to a just, inclusive and sustainable economy. An economy that works for all, regardless of race, gender or national origin and that in particular lifts up the most vulnerable. 

By that measure, NAFTA, which has driven the outsourcing of so many good jobs, especially in aerospace and manufacturing, has been a catastrophic failure. The labor movement has made clear that we need a new deal that makes a real difference in stemming outsourcing and improving workers’ lives. Work on this issue is far from complete.

The deal lacks effective provisions to reduce outsourcing in key sectors such as aerospace, manufacturing, autos, processed meat and foods and call centers. Outsourcing remains a key concern for America’s working families.

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Posted by Machinists Union on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

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