North Dakota Dem-NPL Staff Votes to Join Machinists Union

In a historic agreement, staff workers from North Dakota Democratic–Nonpartisan League Party (Dem-NPL) have voted overwhelmingly to join the IAM. The new members, who fight for hardworking North Dakotans each and every day, are the first state political party group to join the IAM.

“District 5 is thrilled to welcome the staff of the North Dakota Dem-NPL to our great union,’ said IAM District 5 Directing Business Representative Jeremy Pearson. “We are a powerful voice for workers in North Dakota, across the Midwest and in North America. Our members work in a diverse array of industries, always fighting for a better life for working people. We will bring the same respect and dignity on the job to our proud new members at the Dem-NPL.”

“I could not be more proud for our new members at the North Dakota Dem-NPL,” said IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Steve Galloway. “These men and women are the backbone of the fight for a more just and equitable North Dakota. It only makes sense that they’d join the Fighting Machinists Union, where our motto is ‘justice on the job and service to the community.’ I’d like to especially thank District 5 Directing Business Representative Jeremy Pearson and Grand Lodge Representative Shannon Stucker for all the work they’ve done organizing this group and securing a first contract. Let’s continue the fight for a better life for workers in North Dakota and everywhere.”

“The Dem-NPL’s roots and origins are in labor organizing,” said Dem-NPL Executive Director Michael Taylor. “We are proud to honor, and return to those roots with this agreement. Unions, fighting for honest pay for a job well done, are what made North Dakota the premiere place to live in the country. Thank you IAM for dedicating your time to work with us through this process.”

“The staff of Dem-NPL are thrilled to have reached this agreement with management and IAM Local 2525,” added the Dem-NPL Staff. “Our candidates and elected officials have championed the rights of workers in North Dakota since the inception of our party, and today we turned those principles into action.”

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