Ohio Early Voting Upheld, Registration Deadlines Loom

In another setback for the GOP and its malicious attempts to suppress the minority, young and elderly vote, the U.S. Supreme Court this week unanimously upheld a lower court’s decision to allow early voting three days before the election in the state of Ohio.

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan denied Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s request to overturn the lower court’s ruling. Ohio’s legal battle began last spring when the Republican-controlled state legislature eliminated early voting the final weekend before the election as part of a so-called election reform package. Similar voter suppression efforts have taken place in 34 states as a blatant attempt to limit voter turnout and tilt the 2012 presidential election in favor of Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Shortly after the Supreme Court decision, however, Husted ordered the hours for voting during the three days before the election be shortened to allow less time for early voters to cast their ballots.

If you have not registered to vote in your state, act now. Time is running out. Click here to check the deadline for your state and get registered. Additional information on absentee and early voting, polling place hours and locations, and other important details are provided here.

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