Ohio Voter Purge Ruled Unconstitutional

USA-ELECTIONIt’s National Voter Registration Day, and voters in Ohio should feel a little more confident their voices will be heard.

A federal appeals court ruled it unconstitutional for the state to purge voter registrations after six years without voting. The National Voter Registration Act says states can only unregister voters if they request it, die or move.

“We don’t believe that any voters should be removed from the rolls simply because they haven’t voted in a few elections,” said Mike Brickner, senior policy director at the ACLU’s Ohio chapter. “We hope that a plan will emerge soon to allow the tens of thousands of voters illegally purged from the rolls to vote in the upcoming presidential election.”

The case has been sent back to a lower court to design a way to put purged voters back on the rolls.

Click here if you aren’t registered to vote, have moved recently, or are unsure of your status.

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