Ohio Workers Picket Tsubaki Headquarters In Illinois

Striking members of Local 2159 picket on the road to U.S. Tsubaki in Wheeling, IL
Striking members of IAM Local 2159 in Sandusky, OH took their picket on the road to U.S. Tsubaki headquarters in Wheeling, IL to call attention to the company’s refusal to engage in good faith efforts to settle the strike.

Members of IAM Local 2159 loaded into a van in the early morning hours to travel to the headquarters of industrial chain-maker U.S. Tsubaki in Wheeling, IL. The workers, who have been on strike at the Tsubaki facility in Sandusky, OH, since January 31, 2011, decided to take their picket line on the road to call attention to the company’s refusal to engage in good faith efforts to settle the strike.

“Despite the involvement of a federal mediator, U.S. Tsubaki is refusing to bargain in good faith,” said IAM District 54 President and Directing Business Representative T. Dean Wright, Jr. “Repeated calls to the company from union representatives and community leaders have been met with a complete disregard for the urgency of the situation. The public needs to know when a company in their midst behaves in such an arrogant and irresponsible manner.”

During the protest, Wright, Business Representative Jack Baker and the Chief Steward Tim Stamm entered U.S. Tsubaki headquarters to request a meeting with officials directly involved in the negotiations. “We offered to come to the table and for them to demonstrate they are serious about negotiating a fair contract,” said Baker. “After waiting for quite some time, a salesman for US Tsubaki informed us that even though company negotiators were there, they were unavailable.”

Dozens of union supporters, including Midwest Territory representatives and staff, members of District 8 and Local 701, joined the two-day demonstration. “On behalf of the Eastern Territory, I send our thanks for the help and support of Midwest Territory GVP Philip J. Gruber and his staff,” said Eastern Territory GVP Lynn D. Tucker, Jr. “Their assistance in preplanning and executing the rally was invaluable.”

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