One Member’s Inspiring Commitment to Service

Leah Ganj-Bakhsh, Communicator and website editor for District 10 in Milwaukee, WI, has received an invitation to work as a Peace Corps Health Information Communication Technology Advisor in Ethiopia.

“I’m excited to serve in the Peace Corps, as it will complete my personal trifecta of service: Military service, AmeriCorps and now Peace Corps service,” said Ganj-Bakhsh, a member of Local 2110 who works at WRTP/BIG STEP, a workforce development non-profit.

Ganj-Bakhsh said she’s interested in the Peace Corps because “the idea of traveling to a far-off place, learning a new language, a new culture and finding a way to make a positive difference always appealed to me.”

The term of service is for 27 months, which includes three months of training. Ganj-Bakhsh leaves for her new assignment on May 23, 2011.

“I’m often asked what my long-term goals are, and my answer is always the same,” she said. “To serve my community somehow, some way. I look forward to serving my new community in Ethiopia. It will be an experience unlike any other.”

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