Ontario Colortech Employees Join IAM

“Management threw everything but the kitchen sink at these people trying to convince them not to join the Machinists, but it didn’t work,” explained District 140 Organizer Ian Morland.

Morland was referring to the successful organizing campaign of 50 workers at Colortech Incorporated in Brampton, ON. Prior to the vote, the company hired union-busting lawyers who gave management instructions on how to implement a campaign against the IAM.

“This employer went all out to the stop the union coming in,” explained Morland. “They had one-on-one meetings between the manager and each employee, letters were sent to each employees’ home, and letters were then handed out at work, trying to convince the group to vote no for union representation. The employer even gave all employees a bonus of a few hundred dollars each on the Friday prior to the vote. After all of that, these people voted overwhelmingly in favour of joining the IAM.”

“This is a very determined group of workers and we’re proud to represent them,” said Morland. The 50 new members are employed as Laboratory Technicians, production and maintenance personnel for Colortech, which produces plastic pellets used in the manufacturing of various plastic products.

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