Oppose New OMB Rule to Use Bogus U.S. Trade Numbers

IAM members have until Monday, July 21 to oppose a new dangerous rule that would affect how the U.S. government develops statistics concerning manufactured goods.

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The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) proposal would treat goods sold by U.S. companies as manufactured in the U.S., even though they were actually manufactured in other countries, like China. 

If adopted, this new way of keeping statistics would give a false indication about the health of the U.S. manufacturing industry and the depth of the U.S. trade deficit. It will confuse consumers who want to buy goods “Made in the USA.” And, it would also cost thousands of U.S. manufacturing workers their jobs as U.S. companies would actually be encouraged to outsource more work to other countries, since the outsourced products will still be considered to be manufactured in the U.S.

 As members of the one of the largest manufacturing unions in the world, tell the U.S. Census Bureau’s Economic Classification Policy Committee to reject this dangerous proposal.

The comment period ends Monday, July 21, so please act today.

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