Oregon Boycott Deserves National Attention

The Oregon AFL-CIO is urging unions nationwide to support their boycott of Fog Cutter Capital Group, Inc. & Granite Investments. Fog Cutter’s principal business is the Fatburger fast food chain.

According to the Oregon AFL-CIO, the firm earned a place on the union’s Unfair/Do Not Patronize list because of their business connections to Andrew Weiderhorn, Jeffrey Grayson, Dean Kirkland and Capital Consultants, whose financial manipulations caused the loss of $350 million in union pension fund assets.

Additional employers on the Unfair/Do Not Patronize list includes Wal-Mart, Plympton & Associates for union busting activities at an IAM-represented facility in Canby, OR, and Shilo Inns for their support of Oregon Ballot Measure 8, an attempt to trim state employees’ retirement benefits.

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