Pension Preserved in New BAE Contract

Members of Local 2768, District 76, in Irvine, TX, have ratified a new three-year agreement with BAE Platform Systems that includes annual pay raises of three percent, three percent and 2.5 percent, while holding the line on health care costs. The IAM Bargaining Committee was also able to preserve the pension plan for all employees, including new hires.

The 103 bargaining unit members at BAE Platform Solutions manufacture, assemble and test electronic equipment used on aircraft – primarily Boeing aircraft.

In addition to securing pension benefits, the pension rate for current employees was retroactively increased to $79 from 2009, while the $50 benefit rate for prior years was preserved. The IAM committee also turned back a company proposal to eliminate recall rights for laid-off members.

Additional improvements in the new contract include bonus payments of $800 in the first two years of the agreement and an increase in short-term disability from $350 to $400 per week. Severance pay was increased to 13 weeks while vacation, sick leave, bereavement, jury duty, military leave were all preserved.

Aerospace Coordinator Mark Blondin praised the Bargaining Committee that included District 76 Business Rep Benny Baker, Local 2768 President Dan McGill, Local 2768 Vice President Rodney Dobbins and shop floor representatives Anh Au, Ranger Minney, and Pat Gillespie. “This committee worked very hard for their members were able to push back at nearly every takeaway proposal that was offered by the company,” said Blondin. “It was an honor to work alongside them and to help produce this agreement.”

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