Praise for Spanish Leadership Classes at Winpisinger Center

IAM members who attended the recent Leadership II class conducted in Spanish at the William W. Winpisinger Center were enthusiastic in their support for the Spanish language classes.

Among the participants who left comments at the conclusion of the program was District 15, Local 447 member Hector Canales, who wrote, “It was an honor to have attended these two magnificent courses Leadership I and Leadership II. I also I want to congratulate the IAM organizers and all for giving us these preparations and classes in Spanish.”

All the Leadership Programs (I, II, and Advanced) at the Winpisinger Center – both English and Spanish – have been updated and restructured with new content that focuses on the importance of organizing and provides skills necessary to assist in local campaigns.

Also leaving a written comment was Angel Perez of District 166 Local 2152, who declared, “I deeply appreciate the opportunity and education received at this prestigious center, representing the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. The knowledge gained on this occasion has given us a level of professionalism towards our work. We the representatives will be grateful for the Leadership II class forever.”

And from Raul Rosario, president of Local 2725 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, comes this comment: “The lessons in Leadership II have been very beneficial to me. I have been greatly influenced with a wide range of information about the union movement,” wrote Rosario. “As president of Local 2725 I thank you and urge you to continue with these classes that are of critical importance to the Latino labor movement.”

Celsa Medellín from District 725 Local 1125 declares, “The experience realized at the William W. Winpisinger center on issues of organization, work history, political and lobbying are very educational to representatives like myself. I have the experience to represent each of our members and give them the ability to organize those who are not.”

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