Presidential Board Concludes Freight Rail Hearings

The IAM, TCU and a coalition of nine other rail unions and rail carrier representatives have wrapped up a week of hearings before a Presidential Emergency Board (PEB) in Washington, D.C. The parties are now waiting for the PEB’s written recommendations for settlement of the contract dispute between the unions and the nation’s Class 1 Freight Rail Carriers represented by the National Carriers’ Conference Committee (NCCC).

The IAM represents 8,000 members under the NCCC’s National Agreement. “We feel we presented a strong and convincing case,” said IAM Railroad Coordinator and District 19 President Joe Duncan. “Our members are eagerly awaiting the PEB’s decision.”

Following the PEB’s recommendations, the parties will begin a second 30-day cooling-off period in which they can continue negotiating for an agreement based on the PEB’s recommendations.  If no agreement is reached, all parties are free to engage in self-help after the second cooling-off period.

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