Pride and Unity on Display at TCU 35th Regular Convention

TCU/IAM members from across the nation gathered in Las Vegas last week for the 35th TCU Regular Convention.

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TCU National President Bob Scardelletti proudly declared that the TCU/IAM 119th Anniversary is for everyone to celebrate.

“We are among the oldest unions in America, in the beginning we were beaten, cursed, fired, blackballed, blood, sweat, tears and death,” said Scardelletti. “It took hundreds of thousands of members standing together and thousands of local reps, people like you, to bring us to where we are today.

“We are not going back! We do not apologize for our good wages and benefits; they are the result of our labor. TCU will never back down.”

IAM International President Bob Martinez expressed his gratitude to the TCU membership for their hard work and dedication to their union.

“Progress for working people will never come without a fight, and it’s because of the people in this room, the Machinists Union is fighting harder than ever and progress will be made,” said Martinez. “We will always fight for a dignified retirement, affordable healthcare and a fair wage for every working American.”

In a show of confidence and solidarity, delegates re-elected the entire slate of National Officers.

“Thank you for your unwavering support which has given me the strength to carry on. I will never let you down,” said Scardelletti.

“Thank you for the trust and support you have extended to me I am truly humbled and honored by your action,” said National Secretary-Treasurer Stanley Boyd.

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