Pride at Work Fighting for LGBT Equality

08 13 2015 JerameDavis624

Pride at Work Executive Director Jerame Davis talks about the Equality Act and some of the other issues facing the LGBT community.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality in June but LGBT Americans can still be fired for their sexual orientation in an alarming number of states.

Ensuring equality in the workplace is the new main concern for Jerame Davis, executive director of Pride at Work, an AFL-CIO constituency group that organizes mutual support between organized labor and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

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“In 29 states gay, lesbian and bisexual people can be fired,” said Davis. “And in 33 states if you’re transgender.”

With the urging and support of Pride at Work and other activist organizations, a group of legislators introduced the Equality Act, which would strengthen the Employment Non-Discrimination Act by including LGBT workers.

“The Equality Act includes employment, but it also includes public accommodations, public funding, jury service, education and housing,” said Davis. “It actually touches on six or seven big civil rights bills and it modifies them.”

Davis knows that there is still much to be done in creating true equality for everyone in the workplace and in society, but he is pleased with the progress he has seen in his 15 years as a LGBT activist.

“I never believed we’d be where we are today already. I didn’t think I would see marriage in my lifetime,” said Davis. “I certainly didn’t think I would see 50 to 60 percent support for LGBT relationships and being out and proud in the public.”

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