RallyAround.Us Gets JUICE Rolling

With 1,500 names already posted on a virtual “speakers wall” that is expected to grow dramatically in the days ahead, the IAM’s RallyAround.Us campaign is giving union members an opportunity to tell politicians that they plan to vote their pocketbooks in the upcoming midterm elections.

Launched less than a week ago at a Washington, D.C. press conference covered by C-SPAN, the ‘RallyAround.Us’  website is part of the JUICE campaign focusing attention on key races for governor. The IAM has identified five pocketbook issues that are critical to Machinists members: Jobs; Utility rates; Insurance premiums; Commuter woes and Educational equity (JUICE).

Log onto ‘RallyAround.Us’  and add your name to its virtual wall. You will be joining thousands of working men and women who pledge to go vote on November 7 th for candidates who have the JUICE.

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