Recall Walker Campaign On a Roll

The campaign to recall Wisconsin GOP Governor Scott Walker officially kicked off on November 15 and is on a roll. In just the first two days, more than 18,000 recall petitions were downloaded throughout the state.

Initial polls show 58 percent of Wisconsinites support the recall effort. Even one of Walker’s neighbors, Cale Ziemer, let recall supporters use his driveway to sign petitions on the first day of the recall campaign. “I think it’s important that this recall effort gets off on the right foot. And what better place to do it than across the street from the governorship himself, his residence,” Ziemer told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“From Kenosha to Hudson to Marinette, the people of Wisconsin are ready to recall an undemocratic Governor who tricked the electorate last November,” said Phil Neuenfeldt, President of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO. “Never once did Gov. Walker campaign on going after nurses, teachers, snow plow drivers and other hard-working public employees by stripping them of their collective bargaining rights. Never once did Gov. Walker campaign on the devastating cuts he would force onto local communities.”

Volunteers have 60 days to collect more than 540,000 signatures to trigger the recall election. Across the state, Wisconsin residents are facing cuts to services including kicking children off Medicaid coverage, increased size in more than 40 percent of classrooms and little of Walker’s promised jobs growth hasn’t materialized.

Click here to follow the recall campaign and for information on supporting the recall effort.

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