Report of Nominations for Grand Lodge Officers

IAM members in more than 800 local lodges in the United States and Canada have concluded nominations and runoff votes where necessary to determine lodge endorsements for the IAM Executive Council positions of International President, General Secretary-Treasurer and, for U.S. locals, eight General Vice Presidents.

Click here for a complete tabulation of local lodge endorsements.

As a result of the local lodge endorsements and in accordance with the IAM Constitution, the election of Grand Lodge officers will be conducted at local lodge meetings in the month of April, 2014.

The members chosen as nominees under the endorsement process are as follows
(nominees are listed in order of the number of endorsements received):

For International President

R. Thomas Buffenbarger, Local Lodge 912
Jay Cronk, Local Lodge 1112

For General Secretary-Treasurer

Robert Roach, Jr., Local Lodge 1445
Dale Cancienne, Local Lodge 1905

For 8 General Vice Presidents

Mark Blondin, Local Lodge 751C
Gary R. Allen, Local Lodge 794
Lynn D. Tucker, Jr., Local Lodge 2312
Robert Martinez, Jr., Local Lodge 776A
Dora Cervantes, Local Lodge 2198
Sito Pantoja, Local Lodge 949
Philip J. Gruber, Local Lodge 688
Diane Babineaux, Grand Lodge
Patrick E. Maloney, Local Lodge 63
Karen Asuncion, Local Lodge 1759
Tim O’Brien, Local Lodge 851
Jason Redrup, Local Lodge 751A
Sande Lien, Local Lodge 2202

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