Seattle Newspaper Distorts IAM Talks with Boeing

With articles and editorials worthy of a supermarket tabloid, the Seattle Times appears to be taking a lead role in the campaign to blame Boeing workers for any decision by the company to establish a new production line in South Carolina.

Citing unnamed sources, the paper published stories about “secret” meetings and a stalemate over a company demand for a no-strike pledge in exchange for not building a new assembly line in South Carolina.

In a message to members of District 751, President and DBR Tom Wroblewski was clear: “There are no ‘secret talks’ as reported in the Seattle Times, just the ongoing discussions on a variety of topics which the union has continually reported to our members and the public. Those issues include jobs, the second 787 line, the replacement airplane for the 737 and bringing our work back in house, where it belongs.

“It would be irresponsible of us not to engage the Boeing Company in discussion on these important issues. We believe it is neither productive nor helpful to have uninformed media sources speculating on these meetings. This type of reporting causes unnecessary anxiety for our members, their families and the community at large.

“If these ongoing discussions produce anything outside of the current contract language it will be brought to the membership and voted on,” said Wroblewski. “Our members will have the final say.”

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