Senate Democrats Get Wake Up Call

The outcome of the special election in Massachusetts is being touted as a victory for Tea Party activists, who grabbed the public’s attention with a non-stop smear campaign against the proposed health care legislation. But an article by Roger Bybee in In These Times magazine, argues that Democrats who buy that reasoning are missing the boat.

Bybee contends that Martha Coakley’s defeat reflects a fundamental unwillingness of national Democrats to clearly distinguish themselves from the corporate lobbyists swarming around them. If the Massachusetts experience is not to be repeated, Bybee says Democrats will need to answer the age old labor refrain, “Which side are you on?”

IAM Legislative Director Matt McKinnon is quoted in the article, arguing that it was the failure of Obama and the Democrats to more clearly stand with the people against corporate interests that sunk the candidacy of Coakley against Scott Brown.

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