Senate Narrowly Advances Fast Track; Act Now to Stop TPP

IAM District 751 members showed up in force against Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership when Secretary of State John Kerry pushed the deal at a Boeing plant in Renton, WA.

After another round of intense pressure from the White House, the Senate narrowly voted to end debate on President Obama’s Fast-Track trade authority bid for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), setting the stage for a final Senate vote on the bill in the next few days.

If the measure passes, Fast Track and TPP will face another hurdle in the House of Representatives.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Senators to vote “no” on Fast Track for TPP. Call your Senators at 202-224-3121.

Just last week, IAM legislative activists fanned Capitol Hill to lobby their members of Congress against the job-killing trade deal.

WATCH: “Machinists Mobilize Against TPP

“All of you in this room have lived through NAFTA and none of you came out of it any better,” said IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger. “In every one of these trade deals, jobs left the United States and went overseas, and then we end buying the products we used to make here.”

“Look at those towns where they had heavy manufacturing,” said IAM Legislative Director Hasan Solomon. “When those jobs left what happened? The schools crumbled, the neighborhoods turned bad because there were no jobs and no one was paying taxes.”

When Secretary of State John Kerry went to a Boeing plant in Renton, WA to promote Fast Track this week, IAM District 751 members were there to stand up for working families.

“We want Secretary Kerry to take this message back to Washington, DC: We’re only interested in trade deals that work for working Americans, and we want his support for exporting our airplanes, not our jobs,” said Jon Holden, President of IAM District 751.

Learn more about how Fast Track and the TPP threaten democracy, jobs, the environment and the Internet at

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