Senate Votes to Move Health Care Debate Forward

Senate lawmakers voted 60-39 over the weekend to invoke cloture and move directly to debate on health care reform. Deliberations on the bill are expected to begin Monday, November 30th.

While the vote marks a major victory for reform advocates, the battle in the Senate has just begun. Additionally, the Senate’s version of health care reform still remains significantly flawed. At issue is an unfair tax on workers’ contractual health benefits and a failure to require all employers do their share of providing coverage for employees. In order to bring down costs and keep insurance companies honest, working families must also work hard to ensure a provision which allows for a public option stays in the bill.

“The IAM applauds Senate Democrats for moving forward on one of the most important pieces of legislation in our country’s history,” says IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger. “The coming weeks will prove to be the biggest test of their loyalty to working families and those who put them in office. Americans want real reform – reform that includes a strong public option – not higher taxes on the middle class and a free ride for employers. I urge every member to contact their Senator and demand their support today.”

Click here to tell Senate lawmakers to support real health care reform.

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