Senators Send Letter in Support of Amtrak

Senators Send Letter in Support of Amtrak

Led by Senators Conrad Burns (R-MT) and Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) 35 Senators sent a letter to the Senate Budget Committee in support of full funding for Amtrak. The 35 Senators include 8 Republicans and 1 Independent along with 26 Democrats.

In their letter to the Senate Budget Committee the Senators state, "We are writing to express our deep concern regarding the President’s proposed elimination of funding Amtrak in his 2006 Budget proposal. At a time when Amtrak is setting ridership records and congestion at our airports and on the highways continues to increase, we believe it would be a grave mistake to cut the essential federal funds that keep Amtrak operating."

They go on to ask that the Budget Committee provide sufficient funding in the Fiscal Year 2006 Budget to keep Amtrak’s nation-wide system in operation. The Senators outline the steps that Amtrak, through the leadership of CEO and President David Gunn, has taken to address Amtrak’s operating costs.

This bi-partisan support for Amtrak is what TCU is working toward in our fight to save Amtrak. We appreciate those who signed onto this letter and look forward to working with them to save Amtrak.

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