Sign the Bunning Petition: Throw The Bum Out!

On the floor of the U.S. Senate, Kentucky GOP Senator Jim Bunning declared aloud it was “tough sh*t” if Senators disagreed with his efforts to block an extension of unemployment benefits for jobless Americans.

Help make certain Jim Bunning hears the boos and hisses he deserves. Don’t stand by while Bunning throws away the chance for more than 1.2 million jobless Americans to cash an unemployment check next month. Don’t wait until Bunning eliminates the subsidy for COBRA that helps many jobless Americans keep their health care coverage.

Sign the UCubed petition to throw the bum out, and have Jim Bunning ejected from the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and to install Jim Bunning in the UCubed Hall of Shame.

This petition will be hand delivered to Bunning’s Senate Office and the Baseball Writers Association of America on Opening Day.


Thanks to all who participated in our petition. The petition is now closed.

Because of continued pressure by the Unemployed, Congressional leaders, and others, Jim Bunning buckled to allow the passage of jobless aid and road funding.

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