Silbas to Join IAM Legislative Department

General Vice President Diane Babineaux announced that 23-year IAM member Monica Lee Silbas will join the IAM’s Politics and Legislative Department as a Legislative Representative effective September 1, 2014. Silbas currently serves as the Educational Representative for the Transportation Department.

In addition to her duties as an Educational Representative, Silbas has been the political liaison for the Transportation Department since 2000. She is active in politics in her community and was recently elected to the Calvert County Democratic Central Committee in Maryland. Silbas is also an active organizer and has been a part of every major airline organizing campaign since 1991, including the current Flight Attendant campaign at Delta.

Fluent in Spanish, Silbas was one of the initial members of the Spanish Working Group that helped develop the course materials for the Spanish Leadership and other classes that are held entirely in Spanish at the IAM’s William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center. The courses have been a big success and have been instrumental in broadening education opportunities for more IAM members

“Monica’s diverse background will mean IAM members will have a strong new voice on Capitol Hill,” said Babineaux. “She has been a leader on women’s and human rights issues, a top-notch organizer, educator and hard-working political activist, all of which will make her a valuable addition to our Legislative Department as they face the many challenges ahead.”

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