Social Security – Serving Those Who Serve

This Memorial Day, when we pause to honor those who served and sacrificed, it is fitting to acknowledge the important difference that Social Security benefits make to veterans and families of veterans killed in the line of duty.

Military men and women contribute to Social Security just like other working Americans, from their first paycheck at boot camp to their last paycheck at the end of their career. In addition to retirement benefits, Social Security provides survivors benefits for nearly all of the 4,000 children who lost a parent since in the beginning of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Social Security is currently paying benefits to over 9 million U.S. veterans, including disability benefits being paid out to 771,000 disabled veterans.

“Among the current efforts to ‘reform’ Social Security are plans that would reduce and ultimately eliminate benefits for millions of Americans, including veterans and veterans’ families,” said IAM General Secretary-Treasurer Warren Mart, who serves on the Executive Board of AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council. “Defending Social Security from those who would destroy it is another way we can honor the sacrifice and service of America’s veterans.”

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