Southern Territory Hosts Inspiring Training with U.S. Virgin Islands Local 2725 Members

The IAM Southern Territory recently conducted steward, officer and organizing training for IAM Local 2725 members in St. Croix and St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

Members there work for the Virgin Islands Port Authority, in hospitals and in industry, such as for a cement company. Port Authority members process cargo through St. Croix and facilitate a large amount of cruise ships through St. Thomas. 

“The class was so well received by members and they were very appreciative of the training,” said IAM Southern Territory Chief of Staff Craig Martin. “Special Representative John Vigueras and Grand Lodge Representatives Benji Sullivan and Valerie Rodriguez, along with myself, were honored to hold these trainings and get to know this inspiring membership better. Most of the time we leave a meeting with handshakes—with this group, we parted ways with hugs.” 

The group also held discussions on organizing new members, and how the COVID-19 pandemic was extremely difficult for the islands’ workers, as cruise ships remained docked during lockdowns.

“Our membership in the U.S. Virgin Islands shares the Southern Territory’s vision to grow our membership in the islands,” said IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Rickey Wallace. “This group of stewards and organizers is now energized with new knowledge and committed to growing our presence in the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

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