Spanish Leadership I Coming Up In October

In today’s difficult political landscape the Spanish Leadership classes are more important than ever before. Today, more than ever, diversity has become the key to maintaining what we have with a vision set on growth, this can only happen with a robust lodge filled with dedicated and educated members. The last Spanish class this year, Spanish Leadership I, will take place October 21st to 26th.

We need to educate our members so they can become more active in their locals and communities throughout the IAM and the labor movement. The Spanish Leadership classes at W3 provide the tools necessary for grassroots activists to promote and protect the labor movement, these are the next generation of leaders who will go out and educate the Spanish speaking population within our communities.

Bilingual union members are the bridge to the non-English speakers within our union and the communities and play a vital role in organizing. W3 continues as the vanguard of unionist education in the nation and we must take advantage of the rich resources available at our Education Center.

The enrollment deadline is fast approaching. Talk to your membership, lodge leaders, at the local and district and all levels, about the importance of these Spanish classes. Let’s identify participants and encourage them to participate and send these Spanish speaking members to the upcoming Spanish Leadership class at the Winpisinger Center.

This program trains the next generation of leaders and organizers within our union. Please note that enrollments in any of the Spanish Leadership programs do not count against your Lodge’s regular Leadership school allotments. 

Click here to download enrollment forms in either Spanish or English directly from the Winpisinger Center’s website.

If you have any questions about the Spanish Leadership Programs or need any additional information, please contact Edmundo Osorio at (301) 373-8814 or

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