St. Louis & Wichita Vote Results

Members of District 837 in St. Louis, MO voted 1,237 to 838 to ratify a revised agreement with the Boeing Company that provides for a $5000 lump sum and three percent annual wage hikes starting in the second year. The four and a half year contract also calls for workers hired after January 2012 to get a 401(k) savings plan rather than a defined benefit pension plan.

Following an earlier rejection and strike authorization vote by members, Boeing removed language that would have dropped an employee’s dependent health care coverage if a member was on medical leave for longer than six months. The amended contract allows for 30 months of coverage and places a cap on prescription co-pays.

In Wichita, KS, members of Local 839 accepted a 10-year agreement with Spirit AeroSystems that featured significant levels of jobs security in an industry that is still reeling from the recession. In addition to job security language, the new contract, which covers about 6,000 workers, provides pension increases, limits health insurance costs for employees and provides additional pay increases linked to company performance.

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