Strengthening the IAM: Highlights from the 2024 Midwest Territory Staff Conference

The IAM Midwest Territory recently held its 2024 staff conference in Chicago. The conference brought together approximately one hundred fifty IAM staff and officers, including the IAM Executive Council, Midwest Territory Staff, Directing Business Representatives, Business Representatives, and District and Local Officers.

They dedicated their time to discussing ways to strengthen the IAM at every level. The attendees participated in a full agenda of speakers on a range of topics, such as organizing, bargaining, virtual meeting training and the importance of inclusion and diversity, all designed to improve the lives of IAM members, their families, and their communities. The conference also featured several keynote speakers, including IAM General Counsel Carla Seigel and Director of the William. W. Winpisinger Center, Mary McHugh, highlighting the latest trends and challenges in labor rights and union activities, providing valuable insights and strategies to tackle these issues.

In addition to the educational sessions, the conference facilitated networking opportunities, allowing attendees to share experiences and best practices with colleagues from different regions. This exchange of ideas fostered a sense of unity and collaboration, reinforcing the collective strength of the IAM community.

“I look forward to assisting each local and district in growing, promoting, and executing innovative ideas from the rank and file to our leadership. I’m also not afraid to take or make the necessary changes so that we are here 100 years from now and still going strong,” said IAM Midwest Territory General Vice President Sam Cicinelli in his opening address of the Conference. “I am a results-driven individual that focuses on what’s right and ultimately in the best interest of our members, not just what people want to hear. I’m looking forward to continuing down that path with each of your assistance.”  He added that “Each Local and District needs to look inward to streamlining processes, eliminating wasteful practices, and consider possible consolidations to continue our successes as a stronger Union far into the future.”

The conference concluded with a powerful call to action, encouraging all attendees to take the knowledge and skills gained back to their respective districts and locals.

Click here to view the photo album from the conference.

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