Support Continues for Striking Kentucky IAM Local 219 Members

More than 130 IAM Local 219 families at Bluegrass Station, KY have been on an unfair labor practice strike against government sub-contractor Allsource Global Management since October 1, 2014.

More than 130 IAM Local 219 members employed by Allsource Global Management (AGM) at Bluegrass Station Army Depot in Lexington, KY have held the picket line for over 100 days in everything from tornadic thunderstorms to bitter cold in an unfair labor practice strike.

IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin, left, stands in solidarity with IAM Local 219 members on strike at Bluegrass Station, KY against government sub-contractor Allsource Global Management.

Major issues of the strike, which began October 1, 2014, include demands by the company to reclassify most employees, leading to an average 31 percent wage cut. The company has refused to provide required documents showing the cuts were mandated.

“In negotiations and in the press, AGM blamed the Department of Labor (DOL) and Defense Department for the cuts,” said IAM Southern Territory Communications Representative Bob Wood. “It’s taken time to peel back the layers, and what we found were lies and deception. We spoke with the government contracting officer overseeing the Lockheed/AGM contract, who said that none of it was mandated from any government office.

“There were no reclassifications or cuts to any non-union employees at Bluegrass Station,” said Wood. “This points to the very real possibility of illegal collusion and targeting of the union employees, as well as DOL wage avoidance. The Machinists have forwarded the information to the DOL and Inspector General’s Office, and we believe they are now investigating these allegations, and the Machinists Union is looking at other legal avenues to stop the targeting, end the strike and put everyone back to work.”

“Our members are proud of the job they do at Bluegrass Station to support our armed forces,” said IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin. “But we have to protect our jobs, and our ability to make a living. We are standing strong for our rights.”

Donations for the local have poured in from IAM district and locals from across the U.S. and Canada. “The continued support from our brothers and sisters is what has enabled this strike to continue strong,” said Blondin.

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