Support Grows for NLRB Complaint Against Boeing

Rising above the clatter of anti-union diatribes over the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) complaint against the Boeing Company, has been the occasional voice of reason that cuts to the core of the dispute.

A recent New York Times editorial, ‘Labor Rights, Under Republican Attack,’ sidesteps the political hysteria, outlines the key legal issues and disects the GOP strategy and objectives in attacking the case.

“Backed by a well-financed lobbying and publicity offensive, Republicans are using a recent labor-law complaint against Boeing to achieve a radical goal that goes far beyond the legal issues in the case: unraveling workers’ rights that have been part of the fabric of our social contract since the Great Depression,” says the article, which was authored by a trio of law professors.

The article goes on to skewer the three myths repeatedly cited by conservatives in support of their assault on the NLRB complaint, including: The general counsel has invoked an unprecedented legal rule; the Boeing complaint means that the government can dictate the location of businesses, and finally, the general counsel has discretion to drop the case in the name of economic policy.

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