Tackett Appointed Head of IAM Auditing Team

Jane Tackett

IAM General Secretary-Treasurer (GST) Robert Roach, Jr., announced the appointment of Jane Tackett as Director of Auditing Services effective September 16, 2013.

Tackett became an IAM member in 1981, joining IAM Local 1287 in Salt Lake City working as an aircraft cleaner for Northwest Airlines. She served in numerous capacities in multiple Local Lodges before becoming a Grand Lodge Auditor April 1, 1998. She is a current member of Local 2202 in SeaTac, WA. As Grand Lodge Auditor of 15 years, Jane brings her years of experience as an instructor of the Financial Officers Seminar at the WWW Education and Technology Center and working Fee Reduction Audits to her new position.

Director of Auditing Services is a new position created by the General Secretary-Treasurer’s office in an effort to streamline and provide added efficiency to current IAM auditing services.

“In keeping with the GST Department’s continued mission of re-evaluating and exploring new ways to better serve our membership, as Director of Auditing Services, Jane will serve as the point-person behind the many components of the Grand Lodge Auditing team,” said IAM General Vice President Dora Cervantes.

“Jane has shown great leadership throughout her many years as a Machinist,” said GST Roach. “We’re honored to have her as a member of our staff and proud that she will be the newest woman to join the ranks of IAM departmental leadership.”

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