Take Action NOW! to Protect Seniors

April 6, 2006 – The GOP’s Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan has been a disaster since it took effect on January 1. In its first weeks alone, six million poor, elderly and disabled patients were denied prescription drug coverage.

More than 20 states were forced to provide emergency coverage to their low-income seniors. Five states sued the federal government to recover their costs. Seniors, their caregivers and their pharmacists cannot get prescriptions filled quickly. Some cannot get them filled at all.

 Rather than helping seniors, Part D has been a massive giveaway to HMO’s and drug companies. We can no longer afford to idly sit by and watch our parents continue to be “mugged” by Republican leaders and corporate America.

Click here to tell your Representative in Congress to support legislation that would: Extend the May 15, 2006 enrollment deadline; Repeal the provision that prevents Medicare from negotiating lower drug prices; Give seniors the option to Opt Out of the drug plan at their will; Fill in the coverage gap so seniors receive coverage for drug costs between $2,251 and $5,100 and prohibit drug plans from denying seniors coverage for the drugs they need.

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